“The 3x3s are an essential link in the chain of offerings from the graphic design program at Art Center that enable our students to understand what is expected of them creatively and professionally.
“The format encourages interesting juxtapositions that spark deeper thinking. These exchanges between the presenters often create significant personal meaning to the attendees.”

– Petrula Vrontikis





past topics and presenters

3×3: The Smartest Guys in the Room
An Evening to Examine the Power of Media

Erich Joiner, Director, Tool of North America

Dave Bullock, Lead Developer at Crowdrise, Faculty at Art Center, and Founder of eecue

Peter Lunenfeld, Professor, UCLA Design Media Arts

3X3: YO | LAI | DO
Three Bad-Ass Creative Directors Shaping LA’s Motion, Interaction and Branding Scene

Yo Santosa, Founder & Creative Director, Ferroconcrete

David Lai, CEO/Creative Director, Hello Design

Chris Do, Founder/ECD, Bl:ND

3×3: OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Design)

Jen Bilik, Founder KNOCK KNOCK

Ara Devejian, Creative Director, LOGAN

Greg Lindy, Design Director, Owner, Lux Typographic + Design

3×3: Reboot Retail

Owen Gee, Founder of Commodity Goods

Mike Peck, Creative Director at Starbucks

Jaime Mc Farland, Designer and Documentarian

3×3: Creative Entrepreneurs: Inventing and Influencing

Shepard Fairey, Artist, Activist and Founder, OBEY GIANT ART and Studio Number One

Lynda Weinman, Co-Founder and Executive Chair, lynda.com

Spencer Nikosey, Founder, KILLSPENCER

3×3: The Past, Present and Future of Web Design

Maria Giudice, Director of Product Design at Facebook

John Chambers, Digital Guru, Author, Puppeteer and Art Center College of Design Faculty

Marshall Rake, Co-Founder of Public Library

Nomads, Heretics, and Do-Gooders: Graphic Design’s New Normal (for AIGA Los Angeles)

Nicole Jacek, Founder, NJ(L.A.)™

Nikolaus Hafermaas, Chief Creative Officer UEBERALL, Chair, Graphic Design at Art Center College of Design

Matthew Manos, Founder, Verynice

3×3: Get Physical, Media in Space

Joachim Sauter, Founder and Design Director at ART+COM, Professor at Berlin University of The Arts

Rebeca Méndez, Designer, Artist and Professor of Design, UCLA Design Media Arts

Christian Moeller, Architect, Artist and Professor

3×3: Trends in Packaging and Interaction

Chris Hacker, Chief Design Officer, Johnson & Johnson

Maggie Hendrie, Strategy Director, UX Designer, Educator

James Chu, Product Designer, Branding Strategist, Educator

3×3: Transmedia Design

Aaron Koblin, Google Media Labs

Dan Goods Visual Strategist, JPL

Brad Bartlett, Art Center College of Design

3×3: Why Grad School?

Anne Burdick, Chair, Graduate Media Design Program Art Center College of Design

Ramone Muñoz, Professor, Art Center College of Design

Mike Neal, Freelance Design Writer and Critic

3×3: Graphic Design Off The Page

Jakob Trollbäck, Founder, Trollbäck + Company

Nik Hafermaas, Art Center College of Design

Jason Brush, Schematic

3×3: The Design Process: 3 Ways to Get From Point A to Point B

Roshi Givechi, IDEO

Sean Donahue, Art Center College of Design

Michelle Dougherty, Imaginary Forces

3×3: Taking your Product or Service to Market


Dustin Arnold, DustinArnold.com

Mateo Neri, creationorange.com

3×3: Media Agnostics: Print, 3D, Digital …Whatever!

Adam Brodsley, Volume

Carolina Trigo, Emogenic

Alice Ann Wilson, SS+K

3×3: Where Are Books Going?

Anne Burdick, Chair, Graduate Media Design Program, Art Center College of Design

Jim Heimann, Executive Editor/Taschen America

Bruce Sterling, Science Fiction Novelist, Blogger and Technology Journalist

3×3: Interactive Influences

Brian Channell, Sr. Director UED, Yahoo! Media

David Lai, CEO/Creative Director, Hello Design

Tanja Diezmann, Director Interaction/Interface Design, Art Center College of Design

3×3: The Hybrid Designer/Artist: Two Great Things That Go Great Together

Betsy Davis, queenofplastics.com

Josh Trees, wefakeid.com

Stefan G. Bucher, 344design.com

3×3: Inside-Out: Running an In-house Design Studio

Gerardo Herrera, Nokia Design Center

Michael Lejeune, Creative Director, Metro Design Studio

Haines Wilkerson, W Communications

3×3: Worth 1000 Words Writing About Design

Tom Biederbeck, Editor, STEP Inside Design Magazine

Peter Lunenfeld, Ph.D., Editorial Director, MIT Mediawork Series

Alissa Walker, Freelance Design Writer